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Plugins & Libraries for Thumbalizr

We provide a number of extensions, plugins and libraries for popular web frameworks and programming languages. Please contact us if you have any question, or problem with these libraries, or if you need one for a different language. All these libraries are open-source and available on GitHub. They are also available with their corresponding package manager: PyPi, Rubygem, Packagist, CPAN, etc.

All these libraries use the latest API.

Extensions for web frameworks

We provide custom tags for Django, Ruby on Rails and Template Toolkit. We're looking at supporting some PHP frameworks as well.

These extensions allows you to call Thumbalizr directly from your templates to generate the Thumbalizr URL. Click on the web framework you are using to get more details:


These libraries let you generate the Thumbalizr URLs, but also download the thumbnail locally. They all implement the same 3 functions:

  • url(): generate the Thumbalizr URL
  • download(): download a thumbnail
  • download_wait(): wait for the thumbnail to be ready and download it locally

Choose your favorite language to get more information about the library, how to install it, etc.