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New Embed API

New API We've added the Embed API to make it easier to embed thumbnails on your website. While the existing API (now called Old API) will continue to be supported, we encourage all our customers to use the Embed API for new projects.

Similar options

All the API options are pretty much the same as the old API: url, width, etc. We have added two options:

  • country: you can take screenshots from Germany or the USA. We will add more countries later.
  • timestamp: you can assign a string (up to 35 characters) to a screenshot. This is used to figure out whether a new screenshot needs to be created or an older screenshot can be rendered. If you want a new screenshot every month, you can use the current month and year, for example 2017-05, as a timestamp. When you change the timestamp to 2017-06, a new screenshot will be taken and rendered for the rest of the month.

You don't have to set all the options. The default values are taken from your profile.

Checking for error

Like in the Old API, the screenshot status and error (if any) are sent as HTTP response headers: X-Thumbalizr-Status and X-Thumbalizr-Error. But many users had troubles checking these headers. Now, the error message is shown on the thumbnail:

Error message from the API
Actual error message when using the wrong embed API key


Embed API key and secret

In addition to your current private API key for the Old API, you now have a new public Embed key and a private Secret. Both can be found in the Member section.

The embed API key is public, meaning it can be shared with anybody without compromising your account. But the Secret is ... a secret! It must be private and never shared. The Embed API uses your Embed key to identify the user and a token, a kind of signature derived from your Secret, to ensure that the screenshot request really comes from the user identified.

May 14, 2017 • Tags: API

New website, new API, new blog

Home page of the new website We've been working hard on the new version of Thumbalizr. There are any improvements which I will describe in more details in the next blog posts. Today, I'll focus on the 3 most obvious changes.

New website

Thumbalizr has a new home. Check it today at It's more than a new design. We want the new site to b easier to use and more complete. We will be adding more content and features in the coming weeks.

The Member section has been improved to make it easier to manage your settings and alerts (coming very soon). Your subscriptions and invoices (as PDF) are available there.


New Thumbalizr website
Screenshot of the new home page


Try the new website today with your current username and password. Please give us your feedback at or through the new contact page.



We wanted to make it easier to embed screenshots directly onto any website, without having to worry about hiding your API Key. You now have a new public Embed API key and Secret key used to sign your API calls. See how it works on the new API page.

The current API is still supported and will continue to be supported. But new features will be added to the new Embed API only.


New blog

Well, you are reading it! We will be posting more regular updates to announce and explain upcoming changes. Stay tune for details on the API, pricing and more.

May 6, 2017

Maintenance on 01/16/2015

Website update We have scheduled an upgrade of Thumbalizr & Browshot on Friday January 16th, 2014 at 8:30pm PST until 11:30pm PST. We expect about 30 minutes of downtime. During this time, the website and the API may return errors.

This is the first step in upgrading our database to a cluster of 3 database servers. Another maintenance window will be scheduled 2 weeks later.

We will post updates on this post during the maintenance window.

Jan 7, 2015 • Tags: maintenance

Best Wishes for 2015

Thank you for supporting Thumbalizr.

We were very happy to welcome Thumbalizr users in 2014. We spent most of the year integrating Thumbalizr into the Browshot platform. We are looking forward to 2015 to bring Thumbalizr to the next level. Stay tune for more updates on our service. We wish everybody a great holiday.

All Thumbalizr users have 50 credits to use at Browshot (use your Thumbalizr username and password). Try Browshot in 2015!

Best Wishes,
Julien Sobrier, Founder of Browshot

Jan 1, 2015

New limits for free users

HTTPS enabled In order to provide a good service to all users, we are putting limits for free users. The limits are subjects to change and are displayed at

  • Unregistered users (no API key): 8 new screenshots within 5 minutes per IP address
  • Free users (with API key): 15 new screenshots within 5 minutes per API key

The large majority of users is well below these limits. There is no rate limit for silver and gold members.

May 7, 2014 • Tags: API